Monday, February 11, 2013

Teaching and Learning

Teaching: Teaching is the way educators relay important information, concepts, standards, and learning to their students. Teaching involves educator and student involvement. Teaching also includes collaboration and relationships between the school, student, and parent to help a student succeed. 

Learning: Learning is the way knowledge is acquired. People learn in a variety of ways; they can learn visually, mentally, or physically. Learning is also a process- the process of exploring and breaking down new information to be stored in our memory. 

It is difficult to give each of these a single definition. Also, it was hard to put these actions into words because they seem to just "happen." Usually the definitions found on the internet are so simple, yet no one person has the exact same thoughts about them. Teaching seems like it would only be applied to a classroom, but I also considered it as a definition in everyday life. Teaching begins at birth and is what shapes us to be the people we are.  

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