Thursday, February 14, 2013

Chapter 6 QTC

What are the essential skills and/or learning outcomes you want your students to know and be able to do that relate to cognitive learning? 
   I want the students in my classroom to be able to store knowledge in the best way for them. I want them to learn through personal experiementation (hands on activities) and exploration on their own. I don't want them to rely on me to give them every peiece of information they have to know. Students will learn best if they try things on their own and learn from their mistakes and discoveries. I also wan them to be able to express how they learn with their peers in myself. It sometimes help open our minds to new learning strategies when when listen to and observe what others do. As we discussed in class today, I believe it is beneficial to be able to relate the material we teach to what students are already familiar with. If a student has a memory or thought to connect to the new learning material, they may be more opt to store it more quickly.
How might your knowledge of the memory processes guide your instructional decisions?
   From my experience in middle school, it was always helpful for me to use acronmyns to remember a process and information. For example, when I learned units of measurement in 6th grade, I rememberd Kangroos Hop Down Mountains Drinking Chocolate Milk. The first letter of each word represented the unit of measurement and how to "hop" to and from measurements. I will try to incorporate little things like along the way in my lesson. I know it may not help all students, but it can be useful for the time being. I also know that each person learns differently and needs tasks that will allow them to use their appropriate skills. I will make sure that each of my units have different types of activities so that students have equal opportunity to learn. We will do hands on activities, use visual aids, and also use thought-provoking questions during class discussion. Finally, I have experienced that in order to have something "stick," it has to be a memorable experience. I hope to be creative and fun in my classroom so my students remember my impact and what I have taught them.  

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  1. "Students will learn best if they try things on their own and learn from their mistakes and discoveries."

    I think that this will be easy to forget as we begin teaching. As a teacher, I think that there is a lot of pressure, and because of that pressure, I think that it will be easy to fall into the habit of putting everything on your shoulders. The teacher needs to be able to let the students explore and learn for themselves, because in the long run, students will remember lessons better if they create the connections themselves.

    Teachers need to be facilitators of this exploration. Teachers need to be able to guide a student as he/she learns new thing in their own ways.