Thursday, January 17, 2013

Unit 1: PLE Post

First PLE Reflection: 

1. What are your personal objectives for the class?
   I have many personal objectives for Educational Psychology. First, I want to understand and explore how students think and express themselves. I want to better myself as a future educator by learning how to communicate effectively with children, parents, other teachers, and even other students in our current class. I want to learn more about myself by exploring the course content to find what most interests me. I also want to learn how to be the best educator I can be, and also feed off of other student's personal theories in our classroom. In the end, I hope to stretch my thinking in the classroom, and see how far I can push myself. I am usually a shy student, but my hope is that I can openly express my thoughts. I feel like we have already established a comfortable classroom environment, which emits a positive outlook on what is to come.

2. What do you want to explore deeper?
   I would like to explore what it will be like to be a new teacher, and what to expect in my first year. I expect to have many surprises and learning experiences, but I would hope to have an understanding of what is expected of me, and how to be the most effective first time teacher. I want to explore the best methods for teaching children, and the most effective way to convey the material to every student. I also hope to understand how to know each student individually, and how I can pick out their strengths and weaknesses to better their education. I believe this will be a very important aspect of teaching. I am excited to explore the topics in this class and hopefully better prepare myself in managing my own classroom one day!

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